New Machine Vision Applications in Germany


The availability of robust sensing devices. powerful image pmessing hardware and advanced system design has increased rhe use of computer vision methods considerably. Image analysis methods based on s ~ t i c 2D binary-, graylevel-, and color images have become standard sensors for various applications in the biomdical field. the printing industry, industrial, automation, navigation, remote sensing. office automation, etc. T h i s paper reports about new machine vision applications in Gennany resulting from the recent progress which has k e n made in this field. Since the complete spectrum of new machine vision applications cannot be covered we will limit ourselves ro systems which me based on TV-like cameras and nre primarily used for image analysis. The paper is structured by metl~odologies of image pmessing, like 3D Scene Analysis for Quality Conaol, Image Sequence and Motion Analysis, 3D Modelling, Knowledge Representation. and Human Interface techniques. The progress is illusmted by selected new applications which have recently been observed in this field in connection with products. prototypes, or concepts developed at research institutes and the indusq in Germany.

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