New Literacies and Multimediacy: The Immersive Universe of The 39 Clues

  title={New Literacies and Multimediacy: The Immersive Universe of The 39 Clues},
  author={Diane Carver Sekeres and Christopher Seton Watson},
  journal={Children's Literature in Education},
The 39 Clues (2009) is a multimedia series produced by Scholastic for readers 7–14 years old that includes printed texts released periodically; trading cards also published periodically in print and virtually; and a complex, intriguing, and entertaining website. To fully experience the multimedia series, the publishers expect that readers can read printed text, negotiate the website that blurs the boundaries between history and fiction, author, character, and reader, compete for prizes, and… 
Thresholds of Transmedia Storytelling: Applying Gérard Genette's Paratextual Theory to The 39 Clues Series for Young Readers
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Amy and Dan are hot on the trail of the fourth Clue, but their ruthless relatives will stop at nothing to eliminate them from the competition. Their hunt leads them to an ancient city that has been a