New Left-Wing Melancholy: Mark Tribe's "The Port Huron Project" and the Politics of Reenactment

  title={New Left-Wing Melancholy: Mark Tribe's "The Port Huron Project" and the Politics of Reenactment},
  author={Paige Sarlin},
  journal={Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media},
  pages={139 - 157}
  • P. Sarlin
  • Published 1 April 2009
  • Political Science
  • Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media
The journal October sent a questionnaire to artists, critics, and art historians in the summer of 2007. The central question, and the one they reprinted on the cover of the issue that contained all the responses, was: "In what ways have artists, academics, and cultural institutions responded to the U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Iraq?" The questionnaire and the published responses served as an answer to the lack of attention to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that had marked the journal… 
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