New Improved Algorithms for Compressive Sensing Based on $\ell_{p}$ Norm

  title={New Improved Algorithms for Compressive Sensing Based on  \$\ell_\{p\}\$ Norm},
  author={Jeevan K. Pant and Wu-Sheng Lu and Andreas Antoniou},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs},
A new algorithm for the reconstruction of sparse signals, which is referred to as the ℓp-regularized least squares ( ℓp-RLS) algorithm, is proposed. The new algorithm is based on the minimization of a smoothed ℓp-norm regularized square error with p <; 1 . It uses a conjugate-gradient (CG) optimization method in a sequential minimization strategy that involves a two-parameter continuation technique. An improved version of the new algorithm is also proposed, which entails a bisection technique… CONTINUE READING
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