New Host-Host Protocol

  title={New Host-Host Protocol},
  author={Stephen D. Crocker},
Metadata, infrastructure, and computer‐mediated communication in historical perspective
It is shown that the development and function of key Arpanet infrastructure can be studied by examining the creation and stabilization of metadata, and the concept of infradata is reintroduced to refer specifically to data that locate data throughout an infrastructure and are required by the infrastructure to function, separating them from established and stabilized standards.
EmerGen(e)tic:Exploring the use of genetic algorithms in emergent distributed systems
This paper proceeds to detail the EmerGen(e)tic framework for rapidly testing genetic algorithm modules within emergent systems, as well as an example module pertaining to the cache updating behaviour of a web server.
Two Early Interactive Computer Network Experiments
  • D. Hemmendinger
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
  • 2016
Two early networking experiments joined a time-sharing computer at the System Development Corporation with systems at the Stanford Research Institute briefly in 1963 and at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in 1966-1967 and included experiments with the interactive use of remote programs.
Internationalization of the Internet by design: The first decade
The successes and failures of Internet Internationalization reveal struggles between two systems: the network political (oriented around the machinic) and the geopolitical (oriented around the
Multipath aggregation of heterogeneous access networks
The main topic of this thesis is the goal of increasing data transfer speeds of end hosts by aggregating and simultaneously using multiple network interfaces.
The Network Information Center and its Archives
  • E. Feinler
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Ann. Hist. Comput.
  • 2010
The NIC was the hub of information exchange on the early Internet and what and how information was exchanged back then and the dynamic collaboration that set the tone for how business was carried out on the Internet is described.
Découverte et gestion distribuée de chemins alternatifs à contraintes de qualité de service dans l'internet
La convergence de recentes avancees technologiques permet l'emergence de nouveaux environnements informatiques pervasifs, dans lesquels des terminaux en reseaux cooperent et communiquent de maniere