New Hashing-Based Multiple String Pattern Matching Algorithms

  title={New Hashing-Based Multiple String Pattern Matching Algorithms},
  author={Chouvalit Khancome and Veera Boonjing},
  journal={2012 Ninth International Conference on Information Technology - New Generations},
The paper presents three new algorithms for multiple string pattern matching using hashing tables: a suffix search (SS), a suffix-prefix search (SPS), and a suffix-middle-prefix search (SMPS). It takes O(|P|) time and space preprocessing where |P| is the sum of all pattern lengths. They search for a fixed-length pattern m in a text with length |t| takes O(|t| |P|) in the worst case, O(|t|) in an average case, and O(|t|/m) in the best case. Furthermore, their attempting times are less than of… CONTINUE READING
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