New Genus and Species of Extinct Miocene Ringtail Possums ( Marsupialia : Pseudocheiridae )

  title={New Genus and Species of Extinct Miocene Ringtail Possums ( Marsupialia : Pseudocheiridae )},
  author={Karen K. Roberts and Michael R Archer and Suzanne J. Hand and Henk Godthelp},
The first unique genus of ringtail possums from the Riversleigh World Heritage Area in Australia is diagnosed and described. Gawinga aranaea is the type and only species of the new genus and is known from nine isolated lower molars. It has been recovered from three Riversleigh deposits: two are of early to mid-Miocene age, while the age of the other has yet to be determined. The new possum is larger than Oligo-Miocene species of Paljara, Pildra, and Marlu, but smaller than most extant taxa. It… CONTINUE READING
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