New Facts about the Fauna of the Upper Permian of the U.S.S.R.

  title={New Facts about the Fauna of the Upper Permian of the U.S.S.R.},
  author={P. K. Chudinov},
  journal={The Journal of Geology},
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  • P. Chudinov
  • Published 1 January 1965
  • Geology, Environmental Science
  • The Journal of Geology
Considerations of various new finds of reptiles in the Ocher region of Cis-Uralian Russia are advanced as a basis for comparisons with recently discovered North American Permian fauna. Morphological comparisons with reptiles of North American and South African deposits provide a basis for rough correlation of the terrestrial Permian deposits of Russia and these two continents. It is concluded that the early Upper Permian vertebrates from Ocher are essentially contemporary with those from the… 

No gap in the Middle Permian record of terrestrial vertebrates

  • M. Benton
  • Geography, Environmental Science
  • 2012
During the Permian, tetrapods showed a major transition from basal synapsid-dominated faunas in the first half to therapsid-dominated faunas in the second. The transition was significant in marking


  • A. Sun
  • Geography, Environmental Science
  • 2000
In the past, tetrapods from the terrestrial Permian and Triassic sediments of North China have been either very rare or totally absent, with the exception of the Sinokannemeyeria fauna from the Upper

The age of the Cuttie's Hillock Sandstone (Permo-Triassic) of the Elgin area

Synopsis The Cuttie's Hillock Sandstone is of non–marine origin and caps hills of Upper Old Red Sandstone. It is thus stratigraphically isolated and has to be dated by comparing its fossil reptiles

Palynology of the Permian of Northern Continents: A Review

Late Paleozoic floras were greatly influenced by diverse geological and paleoclimatic factors. For example, important was the division of Pangea into Laurasia and Gondwana and the subsequent

A global hiatus in the Middle Permian tetrapod fossil record

  • S. Lucas
  • Environmental Science, Geography
  • 2004
For about a half century, most vertebrate paleontologists have correlated the youngest Permian tetrapod assemblages in North America, which are from the San Angelo, Flowerpot and Chickasha formations

Cranial morphology and evolution of Permian Dinomorpha (Eotherapsida) of eastern Europe

A Revision of the cranial morphology of Middle and Late Permian East European Dinomorpha (Theromorpha, Eotherapsida) resulted in a clarification of the taxonomic relationships within this group. As

Global Permian tetrapod biostratigraphy and biochronology

  • S. Lucas
  • Geography, Environmental Science
    Geological Society, London, Special Publications
  • 2006
Abstract The most extensive Permian tetrapod (amphibian and reptile) fossil records from the western United States (New Mexico-Texas) and South Africa provide the basis for definition of 10

Mid- to late Permian microfloristic evidence in the metamorphic successions of the Northern Apennines: insights for age-constraining and palaeogeographical correlations

Recent studies on the stratigraphy of Paleozoic successions belonging to key sectors of the inner Northern Apennines provide data that can be used to propose new hypotheses about the palaeogeography



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