New Extinct Mekosuchine Crocodile from Vanuatu, South Pacific

  title={New Extinct Mekosuchine Crocodile from Vanuatu, South Pacific},
  author={J. Mead and D. W. Steadman and S. Bedford and C. J. Bell and M. Spriggs},
  pages={632 - 641}
Abstract We describe a new species of crocodile (Reptilia: Crocodyloidea: Mekosuchinae) from a maxilla recovered at the Arapus archaeological site, on the island of Efate, Vanuatu, South Pacific. As with mekosuchine species in New Caledonia and Fiji, Mekosuchus kalpokasi sp. nov. was a small, possibly terrestrial carnivore that is now extinct. The differences between the Efate specimen and previously described species of Mekosuchus warrant recognition of a new species. Based on its association… Expand
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