New Evidence for the Dating of Aristotle "Meteorologica" 1-3

  title={New Evidence for the Dating of Aristotle "Meteorologica" 1-3},
  author={S. Cohen and P. Burke},
  journal={Classical Philology},
  pages={126 - 129}
event. But perhaps there is a more significant, and more subtle, type of balance present here. Agathon, who wished to honor his own art, tragedy-and that means also honoring tragedians has just quoted Sophocles and Euripides. Is it not probable that the third (and final) tragic quotation should be removed from the limbo of the adespota and be assigned to the third of the great tragedians, Aeschylus? Aristophanes' Frogs (66-85, 758-94, 1515-23) shows that the classical triad of tragedians… Expand
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Mathematical formulae for calculating the past positions of stars, which change because of a wobble in the earth's axis of rotation
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