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New Engineering Companies and the Evolution of The United States Computer Industry

  title={New Engineering Companies and the Evolution of The United States Computer Industry},
  author={Arthur L. Norberg},
The electronic digital computer industry emerged tentatively onto the world stage in 1946, with the founding of two engineering companies and the incorporation by several large firms of the new electronic computing ideas into their planning. Only a handful of large firms participated in this new computer phenomenon--IBM, Raytheon, Bendix, and Burroughs. The small startup firms included Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation (1946), Engineering Research Associates, Inc. (1946), and California… 
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Industrial Dynamics and the Evolution of Firms' and Nations' Competitive Capabilities in the World Computer Industry

and the participants of the CCC project for useful comments and suggestions. We thank the Italian CNR and the Sloan Foundation for research support. For an extensive review of measurement studies of

Organizing the Electronic Century

This paper's title is an echo of Alfred Chandler's (2001) chronicle of the electronics industry, Inventing the Electronic Century. The paper attempts (A) a general reinterpretation of the pattern of

Early Interactions Between the Life Insurance and Computer Industries: The Prudential's Edmund C. Berkeley

  • J. Yates
  • Economics
    IEEE Ann. Hist. Comput.
  • 1997
This paper is a study of how representatives of one commercial user industry, life insurance, interacted with some players in the newly forming computer industry in the years after World War II but

Cognition and Capabilities: Opportunities Seized and Missed in the History of the Computer Industry

Despite the enormous literature devoted to the subject, there remains little consensus about the organizational sources of innovativeness and inertia. On the one hand, the evolutionary or

A perspective on the history of the Charles Babbage Institute and the Charles Babbage Foundation

  • A. Norberg
  • History
    IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
  • 2001
Erwin Tomash developed an interest in the history of computing and information processing early in the 1960s and pursued his historical interest by founding the Charles Babbage Institute.

The History of Information Science and Other Traditional Information Domains: Models for Future Research

It has been said that the historian is the avenger, and that standing as a judge between the parties and rivalries and causes of bygone generations he can lift up the fallen and beat down the proud,

Early interactions between life insurance and computer industries : the Prudential's Edmund Berkeley and The Society of Actuaries Committee : 1946-1952

Cover title. Presented to the Seminar in Science, Technology, and Society at MIT in September 1993; and at the Hagley Research Seminar, Wilmington, DE, April, 1995.

Fostering a Capacity for Compromise: Business, Government, and the Stages of Innovation in American Computing

It is argued that leading firms such as IBM, Apple and Microsoft have exhibited a capacity to strike compromises between innovation and stability and the computer industry has followed patterns established in other endeavors such as electric power and telephony.



IBM's Early Computers

This chronicles the transformation of IBM into a computer company in a remarkably few years, discussing projects that ended in frustration as well as the more successful ones, and providing a sense of the atmosphere, the people, and the decision-making processes involved during the company's rapid technological transformation.

An evolutionary theory of economic change

This study develops an evolutionary theory of the capabilities and behavior of business firms operating in a market environment. It includes both general discussion and the manipulation of specific

From Eniac to Untvac (Bedford

  • 1981

Yutter Collection, Hagley Musuem and Library

  • Yutter Collection, Hagley Musuem and Library

Honeywell Collection

  • Honeywell Collection

Nancy Stem, From Eniac to Untvac

  • Nancy Stem, From Eniac to Untvac
  • 1981

Record Group 167-76-67, National Archives and Records Agency

  • Record Group 167-76-67, National Archives and Records Agency