New Directions in Western Soteriology

  title={New Directions in Western Soteriology},
  author={Joshua D. A. Bloor},
  pages={179 - 187}
Traditionally, the doctrine of deification has been embraced significantly in the Eastern tradition. Though glimpses of it can be found throughout Western Christendom, it has often been cast out and labelled as sacrilegious Greek myth. This article however, will seek to prove that, amid contemporary Western theological discourse, deification has experienced a renewed sense of appreciation and appropriation. As well as examining contemporary theologians over the last few decades – from a broad… 


The greatest possible blessing: Calvin and deification
Many assume that the patristic notion of deification is absent from the mainstreams of post-patristic Western theology. Recent scholarship, however, identifies deification in Augustine, Aquinas,
Deification: Consensual and Cogent
Many traditional Protestants are rereading their heritages through the Church catholic. That includes reading them through Eastern Orthodoxy. To bring forward the best of any particular Christian
Justified in the Spirit: Creation, Redemption, and the Triune God
Historically, the premise of justification by grace through faith has been debated according to Protestant and Catholic understandings. It has, therefore, been limited to the question of whether
Becoming like God: an evangelical doctrine of theosis
In one of his letters Athanasius, the fourth-century defender of the faith, made his famous statement that the Son of God became man “that he might deify us in himself.”1 Elsewhere he wrote similarly
Theosis in Recent Research: A Renewal of Interest and a Need for Clarity
This article was given as a paper at the conference on Deification/Theosis at Drew University, Madison, N.J. in May 2004. The article adresses the growing interest in deification/theosis in
The legacy of John Paul II
This is an indispensable book on the important themes present in John Paul II's theology.Pope Benedict XVI has written: 'I consider it my essential and personal mission not so much to produce many
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Some important recent works
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