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New Directions in Multicultural Education Complexities , Boundaries , and Critical Race Theory

  title={New Directions in Multicultural Education Complexities , Boundaries , and Critical Race Theory},
  author={Gloria J. Ladson-Billings},
bune read, “A Multicultural State for Sears.” The subheading pointed out that Sears, one of the largest retailers in the United States, was targeting Black and Latino consumers. (In this chapter, the term Black designates all individuals of African descent. In cases where the reference is solely to Blacks who also have a U.S. heritage, the term is African American.) The ease with which a major newspaper used the term multicultural tells us something about how power and domination appropriate… 
A Decolonial Alternative to Critical Approaches to Multicultural and Intercultural Teacher Education
value, and purpose of multiculturalism, especially in relation to national identity and citizenship rights (Banks, Suárez-Oroco, and Ben-Peretz, 2016; Koopmans, 2013). Significant differences in
Critical and Emerging Discourses in Multicultural Education Literature: A Review
This article has three objectives. First, it examines critical discourses in the academic literature on multicultural education that point to the major conceptual flaws in multicultural education
Precarious International Multicultural Education: Hegemony, Dissent and Rising Alternatives
Multiculturalism and multicultural education are at a paradoxical moment. There is work that continues as if the multicultural hegemony was still intact and on the other hand work articulated as if
Multiculturalism in the world system: towards a social justice model of inter/multicultural education
ABSTRACT Multiculturalism burst in Asia with the winds of globalisation. Fuelled by immigration, cultural hybridity and normative regimes from multilateral and bilateral organisations,
Multicultural Religious Education in a Trinitarian Perspective
Abstract Multiculturalism is now confronted with pressures of maintaining a balance between unity and diversity on the one hand and building a global civic culture aiming at civic equality, liberty,
Postmodern Response to Multiculturalism in Higher Education
This is a conceptual paper to study artificial multicultural representations in higher education through French theorist Jean Baudrillard’s postmodernist perspective. The study reviews literature and
Framing American Indians as the "First Americans": Using Critical Multiculturalism to Trouble the Normative American Story
The author addresses ways in which secondary American history textbooks reflect and perpetuate the normative American story and identity by framing American Indians as the “first Americans,” while at
New means and new meanings for multicultural education in a global–Italian context
Abstract In today’s multicultural world, digital tools may become a powerful means to building a culture of dialogue that supports ‘culturally responsive’ teaching within imaginative multicultural
Negotiating "Brown": Youth Identity Formations in the Greater Toronto Area
This study problematizes the notion of a Canadian identity that is constructed within the framework of liberal multiculturalism. The primary goal of this study is to explore how a racial identity of
Nobody said it would be easy: ethnolinguistic group challenges to bilingual and multicultural education in New York City
Abstract New York City sets itself apart from many locations in the USA due to its citizens' unparalleled diversity. The degree to which schools either build upon or suppress the backgrounds of their


The Disuniting of America: Reflections on a Multicultural Society.
The classic image of the American nation - a melting pot in which differences of race, wealth, religion, and nationality are submerged in democracy - is being replaced by an orthodoxy that celebrates
The Recurring Dream: Symbolism and Ideology in Intercultural and Multicultural Education
This article argues that American multicultural education as practiced in the 1970s and 1980s is, despite its rhetorical affirmation of pluralism, ideologically and symbolically akin to intercultural
The Rights of Minority Cultures
C HANDRAN KUKATHAS SETS OUT a clear and original approach to the question of the rights of minority cultures and contrasts it with the approach taken in my Liberalism, Community, and Culture.' In
Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives
Part I Issues and Concepts Chapter 1: Multicultural Education: Characteristics and Goals James A. Banks Chapter 2: Culture, Teaching, and Learning Christina Convertino, Bradley A. Levinson, and Norma
Tribal Secrets: Recovering American Indian Intellectual Traditions
In this remarkable work, the stories told about John Joseph Mathews (Osage) and Vine Deloria, Jr., (Standing Rock Sioux) become a summary for the intent of Native American Studies as an emerging
Toward a Critical Race Theory of Education.
This article asserts that despite the salience of race in U.S. society, as a topic of scholarly inquiry, it remains untheorized. The article argues for a critical race theoretical perspective in
Just what is critical race theory and what's it doing in a nice field like education?
Critical race theory (CRT) first emerged as a counterlegal scholarship to the positivistand liberal legal discourse of civil rights. This scholarly tradition argues against the slow pace of racial
Keeping Faith: Philosophy and Race in America
Preface: The Difficulty of Keeping Faith. Cultural Criticism and Race 1. The New Cultural Politics of Difference 2. Black Critics and the Pitfalls of Canon Formation 3. A Note on Race and
Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women
Introduction: Feminism, Multiculturalism, and Human Equality Joshua Cohen, Matthew Howard, and Martha C. Nussbaum 3 PART 1: IS MULTICULTURALISM BAD FOR WOMEN? Susan Moller Okin 7 PART 2: RESPONSES
Emancipatory Narratives: Rewriting the Master Script in the School Curriculum.
The current debate in public schools over curricular knowledge pits the constructed supremacy of Western cultural knowledge against the inherent primacy of the multiple and collective origins of