New Dipterocarp Species from the Philippines

  title={New Dipterocarp Species from the Philippines},
  author={Hermes G. Gutierrez and Justo P. Rojo and Domingo A. Madulid},
  journal={Philippine Journal of Systematic Biology},
Four new species of plants under the family Dipterocarpaceae from the Philippines are here described: Hopea reynosoi Gut., Rojo & Madulid; Hopea santosiana Gut., Rojo & Madulid, Shorea arsorianoi Gut., Rojo & Madulid and Vatica mendozae Gut., Rojo & Madulid 

Two new species of Timonius (Guettardeae: Rubiaceae) from Samar Island, the Philippines

ABSTRACT Two new Philippine endemic species of Timonius are described and illustrated: T. noli-tangere J.G.Chavez, Alejandro and Meve, and T. sulitii Merr. and Quisumb. ex J.G.Chavez and Tandang;


Shorea viriscens Parijs ( Dipterocarpaceae ) in the Philippines

  • Kalikasan , Philipp . J . Biol .
  • 1976