New Concepts in Cancer Biomarkers: Circulating miRNAs in Liquid Biopsies

  title={New Concepts in Cancer Biomarkers: Circulating miRNAs in Liquid Biopsies},
  author={Erika Larrea and Carla Sole and Lorea Manterola and Ibai Goicoechea and Mar{\'i}a Armesto and Mar{\'i}a Arest{\'i}n and Mar{\'i}a M. Caffarel and Angela M. Araujo and Mar{\'i}a Araiz and Marta Fern{\'a}ndez-Mercado and Charles Henderson Lawrie},
  booktitle={International journal of molecular sciences},
The effective and efficient management of cancer patients relies upon early diagnosis and/or the monitoring of treatment, something that is often difficult to achieve using standard tissue biopsy techniques. Biological fluids such as blood hold great possibilities as a source of non-invasive cancer biomarkers that can act as surrogate markers to biopsy-based sampling. The non-invasive nature of these "liquid biopsies" ultimately means that cancer detection may be earlier and that the ability to… CONTINUE READING

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