New Chalcones from Bidens pilosa.

  title={New Chalcones from Bidens pilosa.},
  author={Bernd Walter Hoffmann and Josef H{\"o}lzl},
  journal={Planta medica},
  volume={54 1},
Okanin 4'- O-beta- D-(2'',4'',6''-triacetyl)-glucoside, okanin 4'- O-beta- D-(6''- TRANS-P-coumaroyl)-glucoside, both new natural compounds, and okanin 3'- O-beta- D-glucoside have been isolated from the leaves of BIDENS PILOSA L. Their structures have been elucidated by means of UV, FD-MS, (1)H-NMR, and (13)C-NMR spectroscopy. NMR spectral data for okanin 4'- O-beta- D-glucoside (marein) are given. 

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