New CMS types in Plantago lanceolata and their relatedness


 Mitochondrial variation in Plantago lanceolata was used to detect new CMS types. Directional reciprocal crosses were made between plants which differed in mtDNA restriction patterns. Differential segregation of male steriles in reciprocal crosses indicated that the parents differed in CMS type. MtDNA variation revealed nine RFLP patterns, which could be… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s001220050449


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@article{Haan1997NewCT, title={New CMS types in Plantago lanceolata and their relatedness}, author={Arnold de Haan and A. Christa Mateman and P. J. van Dijk and Jo Van Damme}, journal={Theoretical and Applied Genetics}, year={1997}, volume={94}, pages={539-548} }