New Bounds from Searching for Muonium to Antimuonium Conversion

  title={New Bounds from Searching for Muonium to Antimuonium Conversion},
  author={Lorenz Willmann and P. V. Schmidt and H. P. Wirtz and Rafael Abela and Vladimir Y. Baranov and J. Bagaturia and Wilhelm Bertl and Renate Engfer and A. Grossmann and V. W. Hughes and K. Jungmann and V. Karpuchin and I. V. Kisel and A. S. Korenchenko and S. M. Korenchenko and Nikolay Kravchuk and N. A. Kuchinsky and A. Leuschner and Val{\'e}rie Meyer and J{\"o}rg Merkel and Anatoly Moiseenko and D. Mzavia and G. zu Putlitz and W. Reichart and Iris Reinhard and Dr. E.-K. Renker and T. Sakhelashvilli and Karl Traeger and Hermann K.-G. Walter},
A new upper limit for the probability of spontaneous muonium to antimuonium conversion was established at P MM ≤ 8.2 · 10 (90%C.L.) in 0.1 T magnetic field, which implies consequences for speculative extensions to the standard model. Coupling parameters in R-parity violating supersymmetry and the mass of a flavour diagonal bileptonic gauge boson can be significantly restricted. A Z8 model with radiative mass generation through heavy lepton seed and the minimal version of 331-GUT models are… CONTINUE READING
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