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New Approach To Legal Translation

  title={New Approach To Legal Translation},
  author={Susan {\vS}ar{\vc}evi{\'c}},
Introduction - legal texts and legal translation history of legal translation legal translation - an act of communication within the mechanism of the law the changing role of the legal translator what all translators should know about legal texts creativity in legal translation the translation of multilateral instruments terminological problems of legal translation conclusion - the future of legal translation. 
Legal translation -- an impossible task?
Abstract The specific nature of legal language and the specific challenges posed by legal translation have often led to a claim of untranslatability. In this article, the arguments advanced by both
Theoretical Basis for the Study of Legal Translation
This paper provides a review of the functionalist translation theory as well as the literature in the specific field of legal translation. The purpose of doing so is to establish the theoretical
On the Translation of Legal Text from the Perspective of Static Equivalence Theory
This thesis discusses how the static equivalence theory can be used to improve the quality of the translation of legal texts. The author attempts to prove the necessity and feasibility of applying
The curious case of legal translation
This article explores the nature and scope of legal translation which is an under-researched area in South Africa. In this article the author predicts that the demand for competent legal translators
The Development of Legal translation and the Changing Role of Legal Translator
The changing role of the legal translator is an interesting phenomenon in the history of translation. It is the result of the interaction of both linguistic and cultural factors. The changing role of
Classification of written translation skills for english legal discourse
The article deals with the content of notions “English legal discourse”, “translation difficulties”, “translation strategy”, “translation tactics”, “translation skills”. Description is given of the
Non-equivalence in Legal Translation
This paper investigates the question of non-equivalence in legal translation in terms of lexical meanings, namely, translation of legal conceptual issues and false friends, lack of equivalent legal
Legal System and Legal Translation: Juror or Assessor?
  • Lu Wang
  • Law
    DEStech Transactions on Social Science, Education and Human Science
  • 2019
This paper tries to deal with the problems encountered in legal translation by legal translators working from Chinese to English. The Chinese legal system is a socialist system of law with Chinese
: Translation studies have gained considerable importance in terms of their practical utility in various fields of activity. Translation studies, coupled with terminology, can be said to focus on the
On the development of translation strategies in rendering of legal texts
Legal translation has been neglected in translation studies and studies in the field of law, and this area of translation plays an important role as a means of communication at national, transnational and international law.