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New And Previously Known Taxa Of Isidid Octocorals (Coelenterata, Gorgonacea), Partly From Antarctic Waters

  title={New And Previously Known Taxa Of Isidid Octocorals (Coelenterata, Gorgonacea), Partly From Antarctic Waters},
  author={Frederick M. Bayer and Jordan Stefani},
Taxonomic Study of Suborder Calcaxonia (Alcyonacea: Octocorallia: Anthozoa) from King Sejong Station, Antarctic
Three species in the Primnoidae, Arntzia gracilis, Thouarella (Thouarella) antarctica, Onogorgia nodosa and Tenuisis microspiculata are newly recorded to octocorallian fauna in Marian Cove and Potter Cove of King George Island.
A New Genus and Species of Bamboo Coral (Octocorallia: Isididae: Keratoisidinae) from the New England Seamounts
A new genus and species are described that is unusual in that it branches from the internodes yet has sclerites at the base of the polyp body that are arranged obliquely, and in having tentacles that can be pulled completely into the top of thepolyp over the retracted oral disk.
Unveiling the deep biodiversity of the Janua Seamount (Ligurian Sea): first Mediterranean sighting of the rare Atlantic bamboo coral Chelidonisis aurantiaca Studer, 1890
Abstract Seamounts represent ecologically important marine environments and undeniably play a crucial role in the functioning of the deep-sea ecosystems, thanks primarily to their contribution in
A review of gorgonian coral species (Cnidaria, Octocorallia, Alcyonacea) held in the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History research collection: focus on species from Scleraxonia, Holaxonia, Calcaxonia – Part III: Suborder Holaxonia continued, and suborder Calcaxonia
Alcyonacean (Gorgonian) coral species from Holaxonia, family Plexauridae, as well as species in Calcaxonia were reviewed and a thorough, in-depth discussion of at least one genus found within the California Bight was presented.
Deep-Water Octocorals (Cnidaria, Anthozoa) from the Galápagos and Cocos Islands. Part 1: Suborder Calcaxonia
Abstract Thirteen species of deep-water calcaxonian octocorals belonging to the families Primnoidae, Chrysogorgiidae, and Isididae collected from off the Galápagos and Cocos Islands are described and
Deep-sea coral taxa in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico: depth and geographical distribution
This annex to the U.S. Gulf of Mexico chapter in “The State of Deep‐Sea Coral Ecosystems of the United States” provides a list of deep‐sea coral taxa in the Phylum Cnidaria, Classes Anthozoa and
A new genus of bamboo coral (Octocorallia: Isididae) from the Bahamas.
A bamboo coral collected during a deep-sea expedition to the Bahamas in 2009 proved to have a unique combination of features for a member of the bamboo coral subfamily Keratoisidinae: the structure and shape of the polyps, the sclerites consisting entirely of rods, and the deep funnel construction of the peristomal region into which the tentacles can contract.
Growth rate determinations from radiocarbon in bamboo corals (genus Keratoisis)
Abstract Radiocarbon ( 14 C) measurements are an important tool for determining growth rates of bamboo corals, a cosmopolitan group of calcitic deep-sea corals. Published growth rate estimates for
New abyssal Primnoidae (Anthozoa: Octocorallia) from the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone, equatorial northeastern Pacific
Three new species, including a new genus, Abyssoprimnoa, are described from abyssal depths from the easternmost Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone in the equatorial northeastern Pacific, and the depth records for other benthic cnidarian orders are compared.
Deep-water bamboo coral forests in a muddy Arctic environment
Keratoisis is a genus of bamboo coral commonly reported in the northwest (NW) Atlantic as a result of fishing bycatch or by in situ observations. In 1999, a scientific trawl survey recovered