New Analytical Developments for Uranium Based Powder

  title={New Analytical Developments for Uranium Based Powder},
  author={St{\'e}phane Pag{\'e}s and Emmanuelle Brackx and Olivier Dugne and Nadine Tissot and Martiane Cabi{\'e} and Renaud Podor and Michel Lahaye and Elise R{\'e}my},
Powders and divided solids are widely used in industry as intermediate or finished products in many fields: foods, cosmetics, construction, pharmaceuticals, transport, electronics and, of course, nuclear energy. Optimizing their use requires control of processing based on an understanding of the phenomena involved (sintering, chemical reactivity, purity, etc.). Modeling and understanding these phenomena require data and characteristics that may be difficult to obtain. 

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Thèse Ecole Polytechnique City of Palaiseau France (2006)

H. Jaffel
  • Figure 1. Illustration of the potential of FIB-SEM tomography for the characterization of porous media. Visualization of closed pores labeled in different colors
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