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New AdS$_2$ supergravity duals of 4d SCFTs with defects

  title={New AdS\$\_2\$ supergravity duals of 4d SCFTs with defects},
  author={Yolanda Lozano and Nicol{\`o} Petri and Cristian Risco},
We construct new families of AdS2 × S × S solutions with 4 supercharges in Type II supergravities. We show that subclasses of these solutions can be interpreted in terms of defect branes embedded in 4d N = 4 SYM, or orbifolds thereof. This is explicitly realised by showing that the solutions asymptote locally to AdS5×S/Zn, in Type IIB, or its T-dual background, in Type IIA. The latter is a Gaiotto-Maldacena geometry realised on an intersection of D4 and NS5 branes. We extend the Type IIA… Expand
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