New/Nueva York in Giannina Braschi's "Poetic Egg": Fragile Identity, Postmodernism, and Globalization

  title={New/Nueva York in Giannina Braschi's "Poetic Egg": Fragile Identity, Postmodernism, and Globalization},
  author={Diane E. Marting},
  journal={The Global South},
  pages={167 - 182}
This essay discusses the multivocal and interlingual referentiality in the prose poems (or sections) called the "Diario íntimo de la soledad" ("The Intimate Diary of Solitude") by Giannina Braschi in the final sections of El imperio de los sueños (1988), translated as Empire of Dreams (1994). The connections between globalization and postmodernism occur in the how and why of international cultural references. Braschi refers to the cultural world of the Spanish-American writer in New York in… 


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