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New(s) Racism: A discourse analytical approach

  title={New(s) Racism: A discourse analytical approach},
  author={Teun Adrianus van Dijk},
In this chapter we critically study the way news in the press may contribute to what is sometimes called the new racism . Since news reports are a type of text, our approach will be discourse analytical . This means that we do not treat news as transparent messages whose contents may be analysed in a superficial, quantitative way. Rather, we examine the complex structures and strategies of news reports and their relations to the social context. In our case, the social context consists of the… 

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This article uses critical discourse analysis to investigate audience criticism of the news media's marginalization of ethnic minority members in New Zealand through the use of the words 'New Zealand

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It is at times of stress that the media come under particular scrutiny amid fears that they have the capacity to make a bad situation worse. Over time, this has led researchers to focus on the

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The press is generally regarded as a reliable source of information with however the capacity to propagate ideologies, social conceptions and beliefs. In this regard, it seems evident that the social

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EnglishThis article deals with discursive racism. We examine the way as the Brazilian press presented the debate concerning the affirmative action policy for blacks in universities, an initiative

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The aim of this study is to investigate ideological structures of polarized discourse coded in the reports of two online news websites: egyptindependent and ikwanweb . The study focuses on online

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The ways in which we talk and write about the constructs of race and ethnicity are influenced by our societal systems, which tend to serve the more powerful and create a monologic discourse. Taking a

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Once Were Warriors - a model that matters and a mirror of concerns

In  this  article,  I  will  focus  on  connections  between  media,  culture and society  in order to understand two prototypical Maori responses to the film. The two kinds of responses are captured



News as Discourse

VAN DIJK, TEUN A., News as Discourse Hillsdale, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum, 1988. $29.95 cloth. This book attempts the development of a "new, interdisciplinary theory of news in the press" (p. vii). It

Approaches to media discourse

This collection brings together in one volume current leading approaches to the study of media discourse.

Language in the News

“Where do languages come from?”, The Economist asks in Babel or babble?. “That is a question as old as human beings’ ability to pose it. But it has two sorts of answer. The first is evolutionary: