Nevi, other than dysplastic and Spitz nevi.

  title={Nevi, other than dysplastic and Spitz nevi.},
  author={Alistair J. Cochran and Christiane Bailly and Eberhard Paul and D. Dolbeau},
  journal={Seminars in diagnostic pathology},
  volume={10 1},
Cutaneous nevi are common lesions that develop by proliferation of melanocyte-derived cells. The majority develop as junction nevi from melanocytes at the epidermo-dermal junction. Cells from this proliferation pass into the underlying dermis forming compound nevi. Later junctional melanocytic activity ceases, leaving an intradermal nevus. A minority of nevi, mainly blue nevi, arise from intradermal melanocytes. Histological variants of melanocytic nevi exist and can be the source of difficult… CONTINUE READING

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