Never Gonna GIF You Up: Analyzing the Cultural Significance of the Animated GIF

  title={Never Gonna GIF You Up: Analyzing the Cultural Significance of the Animated GIF},
  author={Kate M. Miltner and Tim Highfield},
  journal={Social Media + Society},
The animated Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a digital file format with a long history within internet cultures and digital content. Emblematic of the early Web, the GIF fell from favor in the late 1990s before experiencing a resurgence that has seen the format become ubiquitous within digital communication. While the GIF has certain technical affordances that make it highly versatile, this is not the sole reason for its ubiquity. Instead, GIFs have become a key communication tool in… Expand
Moving Design Research: GIFs as Research Tools
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'The Perfect One'
This paper concludes with a discussion of the important role that different types of context play in the use and interpretations of GIFs, and argues that nonverbal communication tools should account for complex contexts and common ground that communication media rely on. Expand
Making GIFs Accessible
It is recommended that social media platforms automatically include alt text descriptions for popular GIFs (as Twitter has begun to do), and content producers create audio descriptions to ensure everyone has a rich and emotive experience with GIFs online. Expand
The Postdigital Emergence of Memes and GIFs: Meaning, Discourse, and Hypernarrative Creativity
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Sound Visualization Using Typography Composition Based GIF
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