Neutrosophy in Arabic Philosophy

  title={Neutrosophy in Arabic Philosophy},
  author={Florentin Smarandache and Salah Osman},
Illustrating the debate between contemporary thinkers who try to confirm the co-operation of different cultures. 
Neutrosophic Computational Models – I
Neutrosophic approaches in logics and computing have been proposed by Smarandache and interesting developments were obtained by many researchers around the world. Not only algebraic structures,
Refined Neutrosophic Information Based on Truth, Falsity, Ignorance, Contradiction and Hesitation
In this article, starting from primary represen- tation of neutrosophic information, namely the triplet (�� , �&, �� ) made up of the degree of truth �� , degree of indeter- minacy �& and degree of
Mexico Interval Neutrosophic Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Based on Grey Relational Analysis
The purpose of this paper is to introduce multiattribute decision making based on the concept of interval neutrosophic sets. While the concept of neutrosophic sets is a powerful tool to deal with


Situating Arabic Science: Locality versus Essence
L'A. definit et etudie l'axiome de la localite en situant la tradition de la science arabe par rapport a la place que cette tradition occupe dans l'histoire generale des sciences et par rapport a sa
The Scientific Image
In this book van Fraassen develops an alternative to scientific realism by constructing and evaluating three mutually reinforcing theories.
The intangible absolute truth
In my own work "The Modelling of the Rationality" under the basis of the MESER licence, I have enlightened a new spiritual doctrine sustained by scientific and logical hypotheses.
Introduction to Aristotle
Includes the complete Posterior Analytics, De Anima, Nichomachean, Ethics, and Poetics with selections from Physics, Metaphysics, and Politics
Final Causality in Nature and Human Affairs
This study of the questions of final causality is arranged in historical order from Aristotle to contemporary anthropic-principle cosmology. It discusses such teleological issues as chance and
The Appropriation and Subsequent Naturalization of Greek Science in Medieval Islam: A Preliminary Statement
A merely kinematic account of the transmission of scientific knowledge from one culture to another (where culture is understood mainly as a spatiotemporal region) would be a description of movements
Principia Methodologica 1: A Bridge from Economics to all Other Natural Sciences Towards a Methodological Unification of all Sciences
There is a double crisis in modern science and in particular in physics and mechanics. Among others Einstein and Stephane Lupasco, in the 1930s, warned about this crisis. The Quantum Theory cannot be
Remarks on the intuitionistic fuzzy sets
The pseudo-fixed points of all operators defined over the intuitionistic fuzzy sets are determined.
About the intuitionistic fuzzy set generators
Trabajo presentado a la First International Conference on IFS, Sofia (Bulgaria), 18-19 de octubre de 1997
The Philosophy of Mathematics
  • E. Bell
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
  • 1950
The three “schools” of mathematical philosophy which have emerged in the twentieth century: Logic ism, Formalism, and Intuitionism are discussed.