Neutrophils increase paracellular permeability of restituted ischemic-injured porcine ileum.


BACKGROUND We have previously shown minimal evidence of neutrophil infiltration during early reperfusion of porcine ischemic ileum. However, we noted marked neutrophil infiltration 6 to 18 hours after ischemia during mucosal repair. We postulated such neutrophil infiltration would disrupt restituting epithelium. METHODS Pigs were pretreated with anti-CD11/CD18 monoclonal antibody, superoxide dismutase-polyethylene glycol, or saline solution before inducing 1 hour of ischemia. Pigs recovered for up to 18 hours, after which mucosal repair was assessed. RESULTS One hour of ischemia induced loss of 19 +/- 7% of the villous epithelial surface area. Epithelial restitution covered the mucosal defect within 2 hours, although full recovery of mucosal barrier function required 6 hours. By 18 hours, a significant decrease in transepithelial electrical resistance and increase in transmucosal mannitol flux was noted despite the continued presence of complete epithelial coverage. Accumulation of neutrophils within restituting epithelium was noted on histologic examination, associated with electron-microscopic evidence of widened paracellular spaces. Pretreatment with anti-CD11/CD18 monoclonal antibody and superoxide dismutase-polyethylene glycol significantly reduced neutrophil infiltration and normalized transepithelial electrical resistance and mannitol fluxes. CONCLUSIONS Mucosal inflammation during epithelial repair resulted in increased paracellular permeability as neutrophils traversed restituted epithelium. Blocking neutrophil adhesion or scavenging superoxide prevented mucosal dysfunction in recovering tissue.

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