Neutrophil depletion and chemokine response after liver ischemia and reperfusion.

  title={Neutrophil depletion and chemokine response after liver ischemia and reperfusion.},
  author={Gustavo Martinez-Mier and Luis H. Toledo-Pereyra and James McDuffie and Roscoe L. Warner and Peter A Ward},
  journal={Journal of investigative surgery : the official journal of the Academy of Surgical Research},
  volume={14 2},
Neutrophils play a major role in the hepatic microvasculature following liver ischemia and reperfusion (I/R). Leukocyte cytokine chemoattractants (chemokines) are produced by neutrophils and cause neutrophil activation in I/R injury. We examined the role of neutrophils in the production of chemokines in the liver and lung inflammatory response following liver I/R. C57BL/6 mice were subjected to partial liver ischemia for 90 min. Four groups of animals were included: sham group, sham group with… CONTINUE READING
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