Neutrophil activation by heme: implications for inflammatory processes.

  title={Neutrophil activation by heme: implications for inflammatory processes.},
  author={Aurelio Vicente Graça-Souza and Maria Augusta Arruda and Marta Sampaio de Freitas and Christina Barja-Fidalgo and Pedro Lagerblad de Oliveira},
  volume={99 11},
Heme, a ubiquitous iron-containing compound, is present in large amounts in many cells and is inherently dangerous, particularly when it escapes from intracellular sites. The release of heme from damaged cells and tissues is supposed to be higher in diseases such as malaria and hemolytic anemia or in trauma and hemorrhage. We investigated here the role of free ferriprotoporphyrin IX (hemin) as a proinflammatory molecule, with particular attention to its ability to activate neutrophil responses… CONTINUE READING
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