Neutrons production on the IPHI accelerator for the validation of the design of the compact neutron source SONATE

  title={Neutrons production on the IPHI accelerator for the validation of the design of the compact neutron source SONATE},
  author={Alain Menelle and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Ott and Fabien Prunes and B. Homatter and Burkhard Annighofer and Florence Porcher and Christiane Alba-Simionesco and Nicolas Chauvin and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Schwindling and A. Letourneau and Anthony Marchix and Ngoc Hoang Tran},
  journal={EPJ Web of Conferences},
We aim at building a compact accelerator-based neutron source (CANS) which would provide a thermal neutron flux on the order of 4x1012 Such a brilliance would put compact neutron sources on par with existing medium flux neutron research reactors for neutron scattering experiments. We performed the first neutron production tests on the IPHI proton accelerator at Saclay at a proton energy of 3 MeV. The thermal neutron flux were measured using gold foil activation and 3He… 
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