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Neutron transfer in $^{9}$Be + $^{159}$Tb system

  title={Neutron transfer in \$^\{9\}\$Be + \$^\{159\}\$Tb system},
  author={Malika Kaushik and Ghnashyam Gupta and V. V. Parkar and Sudipta Pandit and Swati Thakur and V. Nanal and A. Shrivastava and R. G. Pillay and H. Krishnamoorthy and Kaushik Mahata and Sanjoy Pal and C. S. Palshetkar and K. Ramachandran and Pushpendra P. Singh},
One neutron stripping cross sections ($\sigma_{-1n}$) are measured in $^{9}$Be+$^{159}$Tb system in the energy range E$_{cm}$/V$_{B}$ $\sim$ 0.79 - 1.24 using offline gamma counting technique. The CRC model calculations including the ground state and the 2$^{+}$ resonance state of $^{8}$Be, carried out using the FRESCO code, give a reasonable description of the measured data. In addition, comparisons of reduced 1n-stripping cross sections- $\sigma_{red}$ with $^{9}$Be for different target…