Neutron stars in globular clusters: formation and observational manifestations

  title={Neutron stars in globular clusters: formation and observational manifestations},
  author={A.G.Kuranov and K.A.Postnov},
Population synthesis is used to model the number of neutron stars in globular clusters that are observed as LMXBs and millisecond PSRs. The dynamical interaction between binary and single stars in a GC are assumed to take place with a permanently replenished"background"of single stars whose density distribution keeps track with the cluster evolution as a whole and evolution of single stars. We use the hypothesis (Podsiadlowski et al) that NS forming in binary systems from components with… 
On the origin of GW190425
The LIGO/Virgo collaborations recently announced the detection of a likely binary neutron star merger, GW190425. The total mass of GW190425 is significantly larger than the masses of Galactic double