Neutron scattering studies of hydrated layer silicates

  title={Neutron scattering studies of hydrated layer silicates},
  author={{\vS}tefan Olejńık and G. C. Stirling and J. W. White},
  • Štefan Olejńık, G. C. Stirling, J. W. White
  • Published 1970
  • Materials Science
  • Slow-neutron scattering spectrometry has been used to investigate the dynamics of interlamellar water molecules in layered silicate clay minerals. Experiments on hydrated lithium vermiculite give information in three regions. At energy transfers between 200 and 800 cm–1, vibrational bands associated with hydrogen motions in the silicate lattice and in the water are distinguished. In the low-frequency region, ca. 15–150 cm–1, a broad band of scattering characteristic of water emerges as the… CONTINUE READING

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