Neutron diffraction study on composite compound Nd2Co7

  title={Neutron diffraction study on composite compound Nd2Co7},
  author={Yong qiang Yang and Guannan Li and Tong Wang and Qingzhen Huang and Qing-Qing Gao and Jing-Bo Li and Guang-yao Liu and Jun Luo and Guanghui Rao},
The crystallographic and the magnetic structures of the composite compound Nd2Co7 at 300 K are investigated by a combined refinement of X-ray diffraction data and high-resolution neutron diffraction data. The compound crystallizes into a hexagonal Ce2Ni7-type structure and consists of alternately stacking MgZn2-type NdCo2 and CaCu5-type NdCo5 structural blocks along the c axis. A magnetic structure model with the moments of all atoms aligning along the c axis provides a satisfactory fitting to… CONTINUE READING