Neutron diffraction studies of the cubic ZrCr2Dx and ZrV2Dx (Hx) PHASES

  title={Neutron diffraction studies of the cubic ZrCr2Dx and ZrV2Dx (Hx) PHASES},
  author={Daniel Fruchart and Alain Rouault and Clara Brink Shoemaker and David P. Shoemaker},
  • Daniel Fruchart, Alain Rouault, +1 author David P. Shoemaker
  • Published 1980
  • Chemistry
  • Abstract Deutendes of ZrCr 2 and both hydrides and deutendes of ZrV 2 were studied by neutron diffraction in order to determine the relative occupancies of the different types of tetrahedral sites existing in the C15 Friauf-Laves phases. In ZrV 2 , within the range of stoichiometry used, both Zr 2 V 2 and ZrV 3 sites are occupied by deuterium with the relative occupancies depending on the total absorption. In ZrCr 2 only the Zr 2 Cr 2 site is progressively filled until the formula approaches… CONTINUE READING

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