Neutron diffraction on antiferromagnetic ordering in single-crystal BaFe2As2

  title={Neutron diffraction on antiferromagnetic ordering in single-crystal BaFe2As2},
  author={Yixi Su and Pascal Link and Astrid Schneidewind and T. C. Wolf and Peter Adelmann and Yuelong Xiao and Martin Meven and Ranjan Mittal and Martin Rotter and Dirk Johrendt and Th. Brueckel and Michael Loewenhaupt},
  • Yixi Su, Pascal Link, +9 authors Michael Loewenhaupt
  • Published 2008
  • Physics
  • Neutron diffraction experiments have been carried out on a Sn-flux grown BaFe2As2 single crystal, the parent compound of the A-122 family of FeAs-based high-Tc superconductors. A tetragonal to orthorhombic structural phase transition and a three dimensional long-range antiferromagnetic ordering of the iron moment, with a unique magnetic propagation wavevector k = (1, 0, 1), have been found to take place at ~90 K. The magnetic moments of iron are aligned along the long a axis in the low… CONTINUE READING

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