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Neutron Stars in Supernova Remnants

  title={Neutron Stars in Supernova Remnants},
  author={Patrick Slane and Louis J. Kaluzienski},
The grant provided funds for a conference entitled 'Neutron Stars in Supernova Remnants' held in Boston on 14-17 August 2001, in part to support invited speakers and students attending the meeting. The conference was completed on the specified dates and was a considerable success, attracting over 100 scientists from around the world. The conference included talks and papers on the most recent work in this field, including results from the Chandra X-ray Observatory, XMM-Newton, the Parkes… 
Neutron star/supernova remnant associations: the view from Tbilisi
We propose a new approach for studying the neutron star/supernova remnant associations, based on the idea that the supernova remnants (SNRs) can be products of an off-centered supernova (SN)
Observational data on Galactic supernova remnants: II. The supernova remnants within l = 90°-270°
We have collected all the available data on Galactic supernova remnants given in the literature. The data on Galactic supernova remnants located in the Galactic longitude interval l=0◦-90◦ in all the
On the diversity of compact objects within supernova remnants – I. A parametric model for magnetic field evolution
A wealth of X-ray and radio observations has revealed in the past decade a growing diversity of neutron stars (NSs) with properties spanning orders of magnitude in magnetic field strength and ages,
The anomalous x-ray pulsars
The Anomalous X-ray Pulsars (AXP) are a small group of pulsars characterized by periods of several seconds and by the absence of massive companion stars. Three of them are associated with supernova
New Constraints on Neutron Star Cooling from Chandra Observations of 3C 58
3C 58 is a young Crab-like supernova remnant. Historical evidence strongly suggests an association of the remnant with supernova SN 1181, which would make 3C 58 younger than the Crab Nebula. Recent
We present results of a recent Chandra X-ray Observatory observation of the central compact object (CCO) in the supernova remnant (SNR) Cassiopeia A. This observation was carried out in an
The radio pulsar J0205+6449 in the supernova remnant 3C 58
AbstractThe detection of pulsed radio emission from the recently discovered X-ray pulsar J0205+6449 in the young supernova remnant 3C 58 is reported together with the results of first studies of this
Cooling rates of neutron stars and the young neutron star in the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant
We explore the thermal state of the neutron star in the Cassio peia A supernova remnant using the recent result of Ho & Heinke (2009) that the thermal radiation of this star is well-described by a
Observations of the neutral hydrogen surrounding the radio-quiet neutron star RX J0822–4300 in Puppis A
We have observed the H I distribution in an area 40 × 40 arcmin 2 around the neutron star candidate RX J0822-4300, which is located in the supernova remnant Puppis A. The observations of the λ21-cm
The magnetron instability in a pulsar's cylindrical electrosphere
Context. The physics of the pulsar magnetosphere near the neutron star surface remains poorly constrained by observations. Although about 2000 pulsars have been discovered to date, little is known