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Neutron Scattering and $d$-Wave Symmetry in the Cuprates

  title={Neutron Scattering and \$d\$-Wave Symmetry in the Cuprates},
  author={Yuyao Zha and Kathryn Levin},
In this comment we demonstrate that the general conjectures of Fong $et~ al$ on their ${\rm YBa_2Cu_3O_7}$ neutron experiments are realized in concrete calculations of the neutron scattering structure factor $S({\bf q} , \omega )$ in this material. We make predictions for similar experiments in ${\rm La_2Sr_{0.15}Cu_{1.85}O_4}$, which yield a different q-structure due to the different fermiology. Our calculations address both the frequency and wave-vector dependence of the data and (1) include…