Neutrino trident production: a powerful probe of new physics with neutrino beams.

  title={Neutrino trident production: a powerful probe of new physics with neutrino beams.},
  author={Wolfgang Altmannshofer and Stefania Gori and Maxim Pospelov and Itay Yavin},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={113 9},
The production of a μ+ μ- pair from the scattering of a muon neutrino off the Coulomb field of a nucleus, known as neutrino trident production, is a subweak process that has been observed in only a couple of experiments. As such, we show that it constitutes an exquisitely sensitive probe in the search for new neutral currents among leptons, putting the strongest constraints on well-motivated and well-hidden extensions of the standard model gauge group, including the one coupled to the… 

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