Neutrino optics and oscillations in gravitational fields

  title={Neutrino optics and oscillations in gravitational fields},
  author={Gaetano Lambiase and Giorgio Papini and Raffaele Punzi and G. Scarpetta},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We study the propagation of neutrinos in gravitational fields using wave functions that are exact to first order in the metric deviation. For illustrative purposes, the geometrical background is represented by the Lense-Thirring metric. We derive explicit expressions for neutrino deflection, helicity transitions, flavor oscillations, and oscillation Hamiltonian. 
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Using a WKB approximation of the Dirac equation in a curved spacetime, we obtain the expression for the phase shift between two neutrino mass eigenstates in a generic gravitational field. We apply
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Neutrino oscillations in strong gravitational fields.
  • Píriz, Roy, Wudka
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1996
Neutrino oscillations in the presence of strong gravitational fields are studied and it is observed that spin flavor resonant transitions of such neutrinos may occur in the vicinity of AGN due to gravitational effects and due to the presence a large magnetic field.
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AbstractIn this essay, we introduce a new effect of gravitationally induced quantum mechanical phases in neutrino oscillations. These phases arise from a hitherto unexplored interplay of gravitation
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The interplay of gravitation and the quantum-mechanical principle of linear superposition induces a new set of neutrino oscillation phases. These ensure that the flavor-oscillation clocks, inherent