Neutrino masses and mixings in the baryon triality constrained minimal supersymmetric standard model

  title={Neutrino masses and mixings in the baryon triality constrained minimal supersymmetric standard model},
  author={Herbi K. Dreiner and M. Hanussek and Jong-Soo Kim and C. H. Kom},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We discuss how the experimental neutrino oscillation data can be realized in the framework of the baryon triality ($B_3$) constrained supersymmetric Standard Model (cSSM). We show how to obtain phenomenologically viable solutions, which are compatible with the recent WMAP observations. We present results for the hierarchical, inverted and degenerate cases which illustrate the possible size and structure of the lepton number violating couplings. We work with a new, as yet unpublished version of… 

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