Neutrino Mass and Magnetic Moment from Neutrino-electron Scattering


We study both the elastic (νe → νe) and the radiative process (νe → νeγ) and discuss how these processes can shed light on some current topics in neutrino physics such as a neutrino magnetic moment and neutrino oscillations. The radiative process allows to reach low values of Q without the need to operate at very small energies of recoil electrons, a favourable scenario to search for a neutrino magnetic moment. The elastic cross section contains a dynamical zero at Eν = m/(4sin θW ) and forward electrons for the electron antineutrino channel, which is reachable at reactor facilities and accessible after the convolution with the antineutrino spectrum. The implication for lepton flavour changing transitions in that energy region searched for in neutrino oscillation experiments, which combine disappearance and appearance rates, is discussed.

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