Neutrino-Induced 1-π Production

  title={Neutrino-Induced 1-$\pi$ Production},
  author={Ra'ul Gonz'alez-Jim'enez and Tom Van Cuyck and Nils Van Dessel and V. Pandey and N. Jachowicz},
Neutrino-induced pion production constitutes an important contribution to neutrino-nucleus scattering cross sections at intermediate energies. A deep understanding of this process is mandatory for a correct interpretation of neutrino-oscillation experiments. We aim at contributing to the ongoing effort to understand the various experimental results obtained by different collaborations in a wide range of energies. In particular, in this work we analyze recent MiniBooNE and MINERvA charged… 

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Charged-current exclusive pion production in neutrino-deuterium interactions.
  • Kitagaki, Yuta, Sato
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1986
High-statistics data from two exposures of the BNL 7-foot deuterium bubble chamber to a wide-band-neutrino beam with an average energy of 1.6 GeV were analyzed for exclusive pion production in charged-current neutrino-deuterium interactions to present new results for single-pion and multipion production.
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