Neutralization of Junín virus by single domain antibodies targeted against the nucleoprotein

  title={Neutralization of Jun{\'i}n virus by single domain antibodies targeted against the nucleoprotein},
  author={Florencia Linero and Claudia Sep{\'u}lveda and Ioanna Christopoulou and Paco Hulpiau and Luis A. Scolaro and Xavier Saelens},
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The syndrome viral haemorrhagic fever (VHF) designates a broad range of diseases that are caused by different viruses including members of the family Arenaviridae. Prophylaxis for Argentine Haemorrhagic Fever (AHF), caused by the arenavirus Junín (JUNV), has been achieved by the use of a live attenuated vaccine, named Candid#1. The standard treatment of AHF is transfusion of convalescent human plasma. Our aim was to develop an alternative and safer treatment for AHF based on the use of virus… CONTINUE READING


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