Neutralising antibodies to interferon beta in multiple sclerosis : expert panel report.

  title={Neutralising antibodies to interferon beta in multiple sclerosis : expert panel report.},
  author={Hans-Peter Hartung and Chris Polman and Antonio Bertolotto and Florian Deisenhammer and Gavin Giovannoni and Eva Kubala Havrdov{\'a} and Bernhard Hemmer and Jan Hillert and Ludwig Kappos and Bernd C. Kieseier and Joep Killestein and Christophe Malcus and Manuel Comabella and Andrew R. Pachner and Huub Schellekens and Finn Thorup Sellebjerg and Krzysztof W. Selmaj and Per Soelberg Sorensen},
  journal={Journal of neurology},
  volume={254 7},
Interferon beta (IFNbeta) therapy for multiple sclerosis (MS) is associated with a potential for the development of neutralising antibodies (NAbs) that negatively affect therapy. Several factors influence the development of NAbs, such as lack of complete sequence homology with the endogenous IFNbeta sequence, frequency of administration, level of dose and formulation of IFNbeta. Taken together, the evidence that NAb status reduces clinical efficacy in MS patients is strong. Standardised assays… CONTINUE READING

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