Neutral current forward–backward asymmetry: from $$\theta _W$$θW to PDF determinations

  title={Neutral current forward–backward asymmetry: from \$\$\theta \_W\$\$$\theta$W to PDF determinations},
  author={Elena Accomando and Juri Fiaschi and Francesco Hautmann and S. Moretti},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
Measurements of the forward–backward asymmetry in neutral-current Drell–Yan di-lepton production have primarily been used for determinations of the weak mixing angle $$\theta _W$$θW. We observe that, unlike the case of Run-I of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC Run-I), for the first time at the LHC Run-II the reconstructed forward–backward asymmetry has the capability of placing useful constraints on the determination of the parton distribution functions (PDFs). By examining the statistical and… 
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