Neutral ceramidase gene: role in regulating ceramide-induced apoptosis.

  title={Neutral ceramidase gene: role in regulating ceramide-induced apoptosis.},
  author={Moonsuk S. Choi and Mary Ann Anderson and Zhongjian Zhang and Drazen B. Zimonjic and Nicolae C. Popescu and A B Mukherjee},
The sphingolipid, ceramide, is a natural dietary constituent and a potent mediator of apoptosis. If left undegraded, it may induce apoptosis and cause disruption of cellular integrity. A potential mechanism to prevent ceramide-induced apoptosis in various organs may involve ceramidases that facilitate the degradation of ceramide. In this study, we first isolated and characterized the murine neutral ceramidase (N-CDase) gene, mapped its chromosomal location and determined its developmental and… CONTINUE READING


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