Neurotrophins as regulators of urinary bladder function

  title={Neurotrophins as regulators of urinary bladder function},
  author={Peter Ochodnick{\'y} and C{\'e}lia Duarte Cruz and Naoki Yoshimura and Francisco J. G{\'o}mez-de la Cruz},
  journal={Nature Reviews Urology},
Increased voiding frequency and urgency are among the most prevalent storage lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), often diagnosed as part of overactive bladder syndrome (OAB). It has been suggested that these symptoms are caused by excessive sensory activation of the neural micturition circuit. It seems likely that sensory pathway remodelling is also responsible for pain perception upon bladder filling in patients with bladder pain syndrome (BPS). Neurotrophins—including nerve growth factor… CONTINUE READING