Neurotrophic action of gliostatin on cocultured neurons with glial cells.

  title={Neurotrophic action of gliostatin on cocultured neurons with glial cells.},
  author={Tomokazu Ueki and Keiko Nakanishi and Kiyofumi Asai and Yasumitsu Okouchi and Ichiro Isobe and Y Z Eksioglu and Takahiro A Kato and Kimitoshi Kohno},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={622 1-2},
Gliostatin is a polypeptide factor (apparent M(r) = 100 k with a homodimeric structure comprising two 50 kDa subunits) acting on cortical neurons (neurotrophic action) as well as astrocytic cells (growth inhibition). Under the coculture system of cerebral cortical neurons and astrocytes from fetal rats (E15 or E16), the neurotrophic action of gliostatin was examined immunocytochemically. Immunostaining by an anti-neurofilament (NF) monoclonal antibody visualized a marked neurite-outgrowth and… CONTINUE READING

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